Conquest of Champions is the perfect blend of Collectible Card Games and tabletop tactical warfare that only the creators of PoxNora could deliver.

Our team has waited 7 years for the opportunity to follow-up PoxNora. The day has finally come and we can not wait to share it with you! With your help, we will mold Conquest into the Collectible Card Game (CCG) that we all crave. One that combines the best of deck building, crafting, and card levelling with the best of competitive turn-based tactical strategy.

We have the same exceptional card artists from the original PoxNora. Card Art by Jakub Kasper.

Build your personal deck strategy and bring your cards to life by summoning fully animated creatures, casting devastating spells, and equipping powerful weapons. Hone your tactics against the single player campaign and then go head to head online through a variety of PVP options.

Fully animated units battle it out in 3 unique environments, each with a variety of map layouts.
Detailed Overview

Conquest follows in the footsteps of PoxNora by allowing players to collect cards, customize their deck, and then battle head-to-head in tactical strategy battlegrounds that are reminiscent of tabletop miniature warfare.

Your goal is to defeat the other team by taking out their hero and shrines while defending your own. Players can choose to challenge their friends in real time matches or asynchronously. They can climb the leaderboards by battling ranked opponents, or hone their skills in the single player campaign.

Conquest will be completely free-to-play as players will be able to choose a hero and its corresponding starter deck on signup. Currency, cards, experience, and components can be earned by taking turns in ranked games or completing games with your friends.

Outside of the battle, players can collect over 130 cards and 6 heroes spread out over 3 factions. Decks comprise of at least 30 cards and offer endless combinations of strategy to build and discover. Fuse your duplicate or un-used cards together to level them up and make them stronger. Collect sets of components to craft ultra-rare exotic cards. Did someone say Dragons?!

Krak Ironbark of Briarwood. Card Art by Jakub Kasper.
Current Features
  • 3 game modes: Single Player Campaign, Asynchronous PVP, or Real Time PVP.
  • Over 130 cards split between 3 Factions: Stonehold (Dwarves and Constructs), Briarwood (Elves, Beasts and Treefolk), and Embercult (Demons and Undead).
  • Each faction has two heroes: Stonehold (Gorin and Daggan), Briarwood (Declan and Krak), Embercult (Blight and Skorn).
  • 3 Unique Map Backgrounds (Mountains, Forest, Underdepths), each with multiple map layout variations.
  • Cards can be Soldiers, Enhancements, Spells or Totems. Each soldier has unique attributes and up to two special abilities such as ‘Double Attack’ or ‘Chain Lightning’. You need to include at least 30 cards in your deck.
  • Earn experience, gold, components, and cards by taking turns in ranked matches or completing friendly matches.
  • Global ranking system - play ranked games to climb the leaderboard.
  • Make cards more powerful by fusing them together.
  • Craft exotic rare cards by completing sets of components.
  • Exchange strategies with your friends via the lobby chat.
Who is Kihon?

Kihon is a group of industry vets based out of Tucson, Arizona. A majority of the team worked together at Octopi and later SOE while working on PoxNora. Once SOE Tucson closed a small group of us banded together and experimented with mobile games while we waited for our non-compete to expire. In the back of our minds we always wanted to return to PoxNora and make it better. While we waited, we released Baby Monkey (going backwards on a pig), Dojo Danger, and SketchPhrase. During this time we also ‘got the band back together’ by employing key team members from the original Octopi crew. Now the wait is over and we are finally able to take on the project we’ve been dying to tackle since the beginning…the next iteration of PoxNora…Conquest of Champions.

Skorn Blackheart of Embercult. Card Art by James Ryman.
Daggan Hammerhold of Stonehold. Card Art by James Ryman.
Player Testimonials

'As a child I was raised playing games like Chess, Checkers and Stratego with my father. As I grew up it was only natural that I was drawn to turn-based strategy games such as XCOM, Civilization and eventually Poxnora. When I heard that many of the developers of Poxnora had joined Kihon Games and that they were involved in the creation of a new game I had to check it out. I discovered Conquest of Champions and have been hooked since. The gameplay is very easy to pick up but difficult to master, making it ideal for both casual and hardcore gamers. The developers are very involved with their players and the community is one of the friendliest that I have ever encountered. If you have not already tried Conquest of Champions then I would highly recommend it and look forward to facing you on the fields of battle.' - Robert

'I grew up playing Chess competitively at a high level. My whole family played so it was a constant competition to become and remain the best player. Constantly looking for new strategies and trying new combinations. When I calmed down playing internationally and found myself with more time, I got hooked on PoxNora. The strategy involved was exactly the kind of challenge my mind needed. I've been extremely active on PoxNora, but the last year the game has been largely inactive, which required me to find a new challenge once more. I found out on the PoxNora forums that the old PoxNora crew had joined up and created 'Conquest of Champions. Me and my friends immediately jumped aboard and found out that a lot of people that we hadn't talked to from other games had also found their way in! The gameplay has so much depth to it that you can spend hours building different battlegroups and creating the perfect one for you. The actual game experience is very refreshing and the concept is simple as can be, basic resources and runes. But Kihon Games managed to reward strategic thinking and positioning really well, which allows for a high-skill ceiling and competitive scene. The game has a lot of potential, now is the opportune time to create an account and unleash your battlegroup!' - Jeroen

Declan Ravenshoe of Briarwood. Card Art by James Ryman.
Blight Mismantle of Embercult. Card Art by Jakub Kasper.

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